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Virtually, all iPhone and Android smartphones are compatible with the Tap feature of a STap card. 

For IOS devices, the iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max are compatible with the Tap feature of a STap Card. 

Notably, the iPhone 7, 8, and X do in fact require an app from the App Store be downloaded for the tap feature to work. However, no special apps are required for the Camera Scan feature on your iPhones to work. You will be able to transfer your contact details using the scan option for older iPhones devices without further apps.

On compatible smartphones, the tap feature allows you to tap your STAP Card against another smartphone to have your contact details transferred. The scan feature allows the person you’re exchanging details with to use their Smartphone’s camera to read your STap Card and receive your contact details.  

Disclaimer: For iPhone models before the iPhone X which are unable to read the data programmed on the STap Card, you may simply open the iPhone’s camera & scan the 2D Barcode imprinted on the STap Card to exchange your contact details.


Yes, this is an option. To do this, please supply a design file in Adobe Illustrator or a Vector format. Further questions on this can be answered by our support team at

Yes although additional charges and shipping costs will apply. To change the colour of your STap Card you will need to order a fully customised STap Card. 

Feel free to email us an enquiry with what exactly you’re after at

Yes, this is possible. 

Please contact us by email at to discuss full card customisation further.


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Of course, we operate on a quantity ordered system where the more cards you purchase, the cheaper your purchase order will be. To further understand our pricing system, view our NTapz Card Product page for information here.

Shipping policy

At STap, we pride ourselves on customer service and turnaround time. Generally, we aim to have cards delivered within the week however this turnaround time is subject to the order quantity and order type.